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The Zengenti writing for the web ebook.

Learn to create purposeful content, keeping your message clear, concise, and user-friendly. 

Did you know that people only read a third of the text on a web page? Based on our popular writing for the web course, this ebook will teach you to plan, write, and structure content that’s useful, engaging, and easy to read.

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What's inside this ebook?

Finding your purpose

We'll look at the importance of identifying the purpose behind every piece of content. Why should your audience care what you are writing? Learn how to find out what they want to know and develop a strategy to address their needs.

Structuring your content

People read differently on the web. Find out how people only read a third of the text on a web page and why the way you're taught to write at school doesn't work online. We'll show you how to make sure your readers always take away vital detail. 

Making your copy easy to read

The average reading age in the UK is just nine years old. Can you afford to exclude a large part of your audience because they can't read your content? Get tips on writing powerful copy that's quick and easy to read. 

Start writing better content today

At Zengenti, we pride ourselves on helping people to create better content. We've been running a popular writing for the web workshop for some time. We've taught people from some of the UK's leading councils, universities, and not-for-profits to communicate well and give their audience what they want – clear, concise, and purposeful content. But, even though we think it's one of the best investments you can make, we realise that not everyone can spare a day to learn how to improve their writing.

So, we've put all of our knowledge on writing user-friendly content into this new ebook. We'll lead you through our writing process – from researching the needs of your users and defining the purpose of your content, to structuring and writing your content in a way that people can quickly understand.

We'll also share tips on making your writing appeal to both humans and search engines, explain how techniques borrowed from software development can help you to meet the needs of your users, and show how a few simple changes can make your content accessible to people using screen readers to browse the web.    

'I'm so glad I came to the Writing for the Web workshop. It helped me to consolidate some of the approaches to content creation I had heard about but was unsure about putting into practice. Feeding this approach back to my team will be very beneficial for them too.'

A recent attendee of our writing for the web workshop

Ready to start writing better content?

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